Easter Break with your Dog! (Tips for a stress free getaway!)


Always Plan Ahead!

Before your trip, make sure your dog has proper identification tags with your contact information. If your dog wanders off in an unknown place then you will be more likely to find them quickly. Consider a tracker for their collar and make sure they are chipped. We all hear horror stories about dogs being found but with no way of tracing an owner as they are unchipped.

Additionally find out details of local vets in case of emergencies.

                                               PAWFIT TRACKER
Pack essentials!

Nothing worse than getting to your destination and finding you have left the poop bags behind!  Don't forget to bring your dog's essentials, including food and water, bowls, lead, collar with ID tag, bedding, toys, grooming supplies, poop bags, and any medications they may need.


Treat your dog to their very own travel bag! Our personalised bags have a 14 litre capacity - perfect for keeping all your dogs bits and bobs in one place!



(Obvious one!) Choose dog friendly accommodation

 Research and book accommodation that welcomes dogs. Look for hotels, rentals, or campsites that offer pet-friendly amenities and have areas for dogs to exercise and relieve themselves.

Try this website for great ideas for places to stay and places to visit!


Keep your dog safe during travel

If travelling by car, ensure your dog is safely secured with a harness, crate, or pet barrier. Take regular breaks for wee breaks, water, and exercise. 

Maintain routines

Stick to your dog's regular feeding, walking, and bedtime routines as much as possible to minimise stress. Bring familiar items like their bed or favorite toys to make them feel more at home. 

Be mindful of your surroundings

Respect  laws and local regulations regarding dogs. Dogs on the beach around Easter usually need a lead - most beaches do have a dog friendly section. Keep your dog under control and clean up any poos asap! (Tilly would ALWAYS embarrass us by pooing as soon as she hit the beach!) People on the beach who don't have dogs just do not understand!

We met the lovely people behind these poo bags at a dog show last year - great product and available in loads of colours.  

Keep your dog cool and hydrated

Provide access to shade and fresh water, especially in warm weather. Avoid leaving your dog in hot cars or walking them on hot pavement to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Be prepared for emergencies

 Pack a pet first aid kit with essentials such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, and any necessary medications.

Enjoy !

Make the most of your holiday! Nothing quite like the feeling of your dog enjoying their beach zoomies! Take loads of photos, relax, and savour the special moments you share with your furry friend!

Happy Holidays!

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